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The Best Reader (August 2016) : Mr. Anupong Wongposchanee, Program : Management and Strategy (Thematic paper)

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                                            CMMU Online Survey

We invite students, faculty, university personnel and public user participate in a satisfaction survey regarding library services in 2016 in order to provide a better quality of services (Thai Language or English)

You can access online survey at 
http://survey.cm.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/169993/lang-en  (English)   
http://survey.cm.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/169993/lang-th  (Thai)  
                                                                  (Due Date 31 Aug 2016)      

MAHIDOL Databases
(Access from outside)  

                We invite students, faculty, researchers and university personnel can use the system database from outside the university network from now on.  

User manualConditions of Use and Lisensing Restrictions for Electronic Resources




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Website    Please contact Librarian to use


    Website  User's guide (English)   VDO Introduction

 (Connect to the VPN@Mahidol)


SETSMART   (Connect to the VPN@Mahidol) 


   Website   User's guide    (Connect to the VPN@Mahidol)   


Go to iBond (and then click Mark to Market for login) Please contact Librarian to use          



      Go to  iRisk    (and then click  Market RiskMarket VeR 5.0 for login) iRisk User Manual

 Please contact Librarian to use           


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