Message from dean

In 2013, the College of Management, Mahidol University celebrated the 17th Anniversary and moved toward internationalization. In 2013, CMMU improved administration by reviewing its various missions, and analyzing previous and current operations metrics and by reviewing both internal and external growth opportunities. Opportunities that were identified were set as strategic guidelines to improve operations, to enhance efficiency and to achieve the primary goal of obtaining international accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

In 2013, CMMU admitted six hundred eighty graduate students. Among these were students attending two new programs: “Master of Management in Healthcare and Wellness Management” and “Master of Management in Food Business Management”. In 2013, five hundred ninety-three students completed their master’s degrees and three students completed their doctoral degrees in Management. In addition, CMMU provided 37 short-term training programs for the business sector and other sectors. One thousand seven hundred and three students attended these short-term training programs, including the program “Strategy and Innovation for Business in Asia (SIBA)” which was designed in collaboration with the Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA, for senior executives.

CMMU also provided grants to faculty to conduct research, the findings of which were published in 2013. Within the year, nineteen faculty and student articles were published in national and international journals. Many of these published articles were awarded national and international recognition. In addition, various research projects were made possible by grants from outside sources and three faculty members were promoted to Assistant Professor.

In terms of CMMU’s international academic partnerships, an increasing number of memorandums of understanding (MOU) were endorsed with leading universities abroad featuring collaborations in teaching and research. There were thirty-one inbound exchange students and eleven outbound CMMU exchange students. CMMU also provided short training sessions for exchange students and invited visiting professors from abroad to teach and give advice on doctoral research. Moreover, CMMU and foreign universities co-hosted a conference for research presentation.

To cater to more missions, CMMU has recruited new staff and is in the process of developing and enhancing academic and non-academic staff. Staff development includes knowledge and skills enhancement through training and further education. CMMU currently supports staff with performance grants which often lead to promotions. CMMU has also made a major commitment to facilities management by improving the physical environment; renovating common areas, classrooms and academic research facilities, and has outfitted the basement as a fitness and relaxation area for students, faculty and staff.

The success of CMMU in the previous year resulted from a constant outpouring of intellectual, physical and mental devotion. Faculty, staff, students and alumni attended to their work to the best of their ability. It is hoped that this 2013 annual report will be a beneficial source of information and inspiration for future CMMU developments.

Associate Professor Dr. Annop Tanlamai
College of Management Mahidol University Dean


CMMU Faculty

CMMU employs the finest teaching faculty in Thailand.  Possessing a wealth of international experience gained at some of the world's most prestigious universities, businesses and government organizations (e.g., MBA's, Ph.D.'s from MIT, Cambridge, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Monash, Harvard, Erasmus), our faculty members represent a strong blend of deep industry experience and educational qualifications, excellent teaching skills, caring and enthusiastic attitude towards students.

The CMMU full-time faculty teach, advise students, conduct research and corporate training, and consult to companies local and international. CMMU also engages foreign and Thai business owners, consultants, and management professionals as part-time faculty. They are valued for their high level of educational qualifications as well as for their practical management experience in Thailand and the region. They are an integral part of the life at CMMU providing a vital link to business and industry as well as teaching and advising students. Adjunct faculty members are selected carefully for their management knowledge and skills, teaching ability and commitment to CMMU.

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