Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU).

This year of 2019 has been the 23rd year since our establishment. CMMU, the leading graduate-level business school, has set out to fulfill the aim of being the wisdom of the land in management education. We have offered specialized management curricula in Thai and international programs at master and doctoral degree level. The master-degree programs not only cover key functional areas such as marketing, finance, strategy, and human resources but also cover business areas such as food management and hospitality & wellness management. In addition, the programs span through entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation, the key areas of modern day interest.

For the international program, our class has a good mix of students from various places. The instructors, most of whom are from European countries and the US, are full-time faculty members who have been with CMMU for years. The instructors have used the method of problem-based learning among others to ensure that students can acquire knowledge and skills and can develop global mindsets as well as potentials at great length. With intentionally arrangement of small class size, the instructors have been in close touch with the students and provided good support and advice during and even after the college.

With regard to our Thai program, it has been well known for practical orientation. Besides being engaged in a number of class projects/ activities, students have a chance to visit several companies during the course work and hence can broaden their attitudes or perceptions. The students would have a chance to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real challenging business problems. In other words, the students would be trained to cultivate practical wisdom to tackle the problems from the real business world.

CMMU’s faculty members and students, especially those in the doctoral program, have been keen in producing top-quality research. We are fully committed to our PhD students’ success. The students in either of our PhD program in Management or PhD program in Sustainable Leadership work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research.  Our students continue to thrive at the frontiers of knowledge in their chosen subject area. 

With fully equipped facility in providing management education and the location in the heart of Bangkok, CMMU is one of the best platform for connecting with transnational companies, Thai large corporates, and startup networks.

We look forward to see you in any of our programs that fit your choice. Come and join us, be connected, and be part of the CMMU community.

Duangporn Arbhasil, PhD
Dean, College of Management
Mahidol University

Duangporn Arbhasil, Ph.D.
College of Management
Mahidol University Dean

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