The CMMU alumni relations team is here for you. In the future, as you change jobs and move, remember to keep in touch with us. Keep in mind that our alumni records--which you may rely on for job searches or to find friends--are only as accurate as the information you provide to us! If you are willing and interested to join in with ideas, resources or time to improve the livelihood of our community, please contact Enjoy the opportunities made possible through this site.

Alumni Benefit

You will need to register online as a CMMU alumnus in order to gain many benefits. The benefits listed below will not only save you money for your further education, but they will also broaden your experience.

  1. The matriculation fee is 5,000 baht per semester plus tuition fee. The classes provided will enhance your business knowledge and career prospects. 
  2. Access to college library, we will be increasing the number of facilities of our library when we move into our new home. Our current library already has one of the best collections of management books found in Thailand. As alumni, you can borrow books and other journals that can enhance your lifelong learning.